Illustration Friday: Stripes

I picked up an illo I did for a doodle book for Buster Books but layered in a watercolor wash just for fun. I think this guy was my favorite out of the book series, and I’m thinking the hidden inspiration was all that Beechnut Fruit Stripe gum I gnawed on as a kid.

If you are old enough to remember this stuff (before it was super-sized and repackaged), check out the old commercials on youtube–every line of the jingle magically comes back to you.

4 responses to “Illustration Friday: Stripes

  1. nice illustration 🙂

  2. Cool zebra! They say you can tell a zebra by his stripes, and he’s certainly an individual character.

  3. Yes! And OMG FRUIT STRIPE!! I loved that stuff.

  4. I LOVED fruit stripe gum. Great character design!

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