Illustration Friday: Silent

Being one of those lucky kids who attended Catholic grade school back when the nuns could still rub gum in your hair and whack you with a slide rule, I still remember this event quite vividly. I was a talkative kid, but as I was quite small for my age I was somehow spared the rod. One particularly chatty day, however,  I did have to write “Silence is Golden but I am Yellow” 500 times in perfect penmanship.

3 responses to “Illustration Friday: Silent

  1. Haha, such great expressions! Really terrific scene.

  2. Wow, did you go to the same Catholic School as me? I think I had that same uniform. I remember having to write something 500 times but can’t remember what it was. I never talked but we got punished as a class. Great picture but the nun is absolutely terrifying!

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