Illustration Friday: Fluid(s)

I’m way behind this week due to Presidents’ Day and then a kid home sick. But it was good inspiration for this week’s word prompt!

12 responses to “Illustration Friday: Fluid(s)

  1. These are very cute!

  2. Nice to see a strip/narrative here. Sweet boo-boo dog…

  3. i like how subtle things in the pics change ex. the tea, great job

  4. Ooh! That’s clever! And so cute! Good job! 🙂

  5. Adorable! What a great dog with great expression. Dogs make everything better! Love the pattern in the couch and the lovely line work.

  6. Great work… and three drawings with a kid home sick is good going. Mr Sniffles is never a welcomed guest at our house either, but perfect for this week’s word prompt (the kind of fluid that never seems to end). I love the black & white with the coloured medicine… clever stuff.

  7. cuteness 🙂 I’ve been sick for weeks, arghhhh, but it seems that sickness made a great little series, love the tissues on the floor. I can relate, I always seem to somehow miss the basket 😉

  8. Thanks so much for all the nice comments! If you have a Blogger site, I’ve tried to post but apparently I am doing something wrong as Blogger shuts me out. But I love visiting and seeing all the great work out there!

  9. Love it! I was sick too!

  10. Very cute. And I love the mostly gray with a bit of gold look to this.

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