Illustration Friday: Swamp

My swamp creature is dedicated to my sister, who taught me how to tell the difference between an alligator and a dead tree trunk while we were canoeing down the Hillsborough River (alligators are blue-black and tree trunks are brown-black, she explained). Unfortunately this didn’t help much when we broadsided a 6-foot (blue-black) gator five minutes later, because all I saw was an enormous pale, leathery belly flipping in the air right in front of the bow.

I took quite a bit of artistic license here, as my gator is not very blue-black and the water is not nearly as murky as most gators prefer!

10 responses to “Illustration Friday: Swamp

  1. great illustration!
    i like it how they both look to each other!

  2. very nice illustration 🙂

  3. Nice illustration, sneaky gator!

  4. I like it! Lovely job even if it’s not super swampy. The colors are great and the critters are so cute. I like how they’re giving each other the eye. “I could eat you if I wanted.” “Yeah right, I could poo on you if I wanted.” 🙂

  5. I really love this piece works with swamp very well!

    Is this watercolour or digital? I want to say traditional watercolour, either way I love it!

    • I do all the artwork by hand and then finish in Photoshop. The watercolor on this one was painted in two pieces (background and details painted and scanned separately, then layered in Photoshop). Some of my watercolors are inked and painted together, but layering is great if the scene is complex or I am under a tight deadline.

      • Thats a good way of making your colours stand out, and I can see you do it very well! I should give that method a try.

        I really like asking other artists what their strategies are and how they prefer to do their work. If you’ve got anything else up your sleeve I would love to know!

        Thanks for replying!

  6. I like it bright! Nicely done, Nancy. And I enjoyed the back-story!

  7. Love this one, Nancy! The expressions on both are great, and I really like the reflection! While the gator *could* be considering the bird as a snack, I prefer to think he is thinking “she’s kind of hot!”, & she’s thinking back, “Sorry, buddy, but you’re not my type…not even close!”

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