Illustration Friday: Hitched










This week’s word prompt triggered memories of perhaps my strangest assignment for a textbook illustration. It started simple enough, with a list of “friendly animals dressed in school uniforms.” As the page was a list of rhyming words, there at the bottom, right after “mouse,” was my challenge—“louse.” Since the publisher was from the UK, I was learning a few British / American homonyms (the boy in a “jumper” should be wearing a sweater, not a plaid dress; a “fish slice” is not a slice of fish, etc.). So I crossed my fingers, hoping maybe “louse” had a different meaning other than itchy little parasite. But no such luck. So here’s my tiny hitch-hiker. . . every British and American mother’s worst nightmare. . . the friendly (and dress-code compliant) head louse.

Here’s the rest of the group:


3 responses to “Illustration Friday: Hitched

  1. Haha, what a cute group. I’m a bit icky on the bug though he looks friendly enough! Kitten is adorable. Love the bull and fox. And that frog looks like a totally over-eager student. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a pocket protector! Cute bat too. Ok, they’re all cute!

  2. Ummm…I never EVER thought a louse would appeal to me, but this guy is great!!!

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