Illustration Friday: Kernel

My IF response this week is an illustration for Crowne Ironworks’ corn processing system–very fun project, as I love diagrams, maps, etc. The client also requested a little guy called “Kernel Corn” wearing a military uniform, but I never really warmed up to him. So here are the kernels minus the colonel.

12 responses to “Illustration Friday: Kernel

  1. Ha ha! Love your corn-guy! Great as usual, Nancy! You sure you don’t want to post Kernel Corn? Now we’re all curious!

    • OK, I know I’m being evasive about the colonel. I tried to put him into a uniform (beyond just a hat) but couldn’t figure out how to put pants on him (I guess if Sponge-Bob has pants, it’s possible!).

  2. Claire Wildish

    Love your approach to this week topic. Very funny!

  3. Very awesome infographic!

  4. so interesting and cute

  5. So much fun to look at—and so perfect for this week!

  6. Fantastic!!! Great idea and great illo!

  7. Nancy–I’m sure he turned out well. Did you just leave the pants off or just not happy with how the pants turned out? (PS: It’s not too late to add him here. 🙂

  8. What a fun project! I love your little corn characters!! Great expressions!!! They sure put those little guys through the ringer, huh?! 🙂

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