Illustration Friday: Sight

As I had an eye exam on Tuesday, this week’s prompt brought back lots of memories! My first visit to the optometrist was in second grade, when Sister Mary Xavier noticed I wasn’t joining my classmates on my handwriting exercises. Apparently I was not aware of the overhead projector.

So off I went to have my eyes examined.

I was always intimidated by the choices offered, not quite knowing if A was truly clearer than B or if Option 1 was actually crisper than Option 2. If I answered incorrectly, would they know I was just bluffing my way through the exam???

Then the fun would continue with getting my pupils dialated. I would stare at the Hidden Pictures puzzle until I saw two or three of just about everything.

My biggest frustration, however, was picking glasses. They would set you in front of a mirror to view the options but of course there were no lenses in the frames.

I would envision the lady on the “Looking Good!” poster hanging on the wall, who looked a little like Ali MacGraw in Love Story.

But what I saw in the mirror looked more like this:

I eventually ended up with my first pair of glasses, and realized there was indeed something on the overhead projector.

I also realized Sister Mary Xavier did not smile as much as I thought she did.

10 responses to “Illustration Friday: Sight

  1. Haha I love this! I still have to guess whether A or B is clearer :0)

  2. fabulous! I’m still smiling

  3. You’ve captured the experience to a “t.” I can SO relate. This is all so much fun and so well drawn. I love it!

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments–much appreciated!

  5. haha, so funny! Love it!

  6. very funny, nice illustrations!!

  7. Terrific!

  8. Great! I can relate to a lot of those experiences.

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