Illustration Friday: Faded

I didn’t want to go with faded flowers, so I settled for a fading wallflower instead.

I was surprised to learn there actually is a wallflower that is known for its very showy flowers. It is an herb from the mustard family. One of my childhood nicknames, courtesy of my cousin Jane, was Mustard Head. Perhaps that explains my social awkwardness at junior high dances.  (Please note: the lovely frame below is mine; the color engraving of genusCheiranthus belongs to © 2004 – 2012 ArtPlantae). 

19 responses to “Illustration Friday: Faded

  1. Good one, Nancy! Love the simplicity and the story behind the illo. And hey…Her hands are doing just the right thing. Like a subtle, nervous twittling.

  2. Thanks, Paula–I always struggle with hands–glad these caught the right expression!

  3. nice concept – good treatment! I think I’ve read that wallflowers are very fragrant, too. How’d they get that faded reputation?

  4. Very awesome. I love it!

  5. This is lovely!

  6. Brilliant illustration! I love the contrast in style between the drawn figure and the pattern, it really works well. Nice take on the topic too 🙂

  7. This is so clever… and a very cute drawing 🙂

  8. Beth Anne Maresca

    I LOVE this…great idea!

  9. Love it! She’s definitely got that uncomfortable, awkward wallflower expression, poor thing! Wonderfully executed!

  10. Thanks for all the nice comments–much appreciated!

  11. Great concept, and beautifully done!

    • Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by. I tried to post to your blog, but for some reason it did not go through. Your illo is very fun–lovely, soft color! I remember those drapes so well!

  12. She is so cute! I want to tell her that things get easier when you get older. I think most of us had the shy, awkward stage. Well done!

  13. So cute, love your characters.

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