Illustration Friday: Shiny

I am not much of a bling-girl, but one of my sisters is the Queen of Bling–she has quite a collection of really sparkly stuff. I have heard that raccoons are attracted to shiny things, so here’s a pair of fashionable Procyonidae investigating my sister’s stash of glitter. I tried to find an explanation for a raccoon’s attraction to sparkles, but I didn’t have any luck. Perhaps it’s because they are so much like humans–one of the best descriptions I came across was “omnivorous and opportunistic.” Hmmmm–sounds like a lot of humans I know. See below for a photo of their five-fingered  tracks in snow–the front paw looks like a little kid’s handprint.

17 responses to “Illustration Friday: Shiny

  1. You are by far the best illustrator I know at giving animals and people expressive faces!

  2. sweet, I love the one in front of the mirror

  3. Hilarious! I’d like to be one of those racoons – I get the feeling your sister may have something I’d like! 😉

  4. Really great characters! love the expressions too!

  5. This is a great illustration, I wish I could draw this way!!

  6. The expressions are priceless. It’s SO cute and funny!

  7. Many thanks for all the nice comments!

  8. So great! An adorable little scene. And that’s so funny about the footprints! It totally looks like a human hand.

  9. Cute idea.. very nicely done!

  10. Cute characters.lovely expressions!!!

  11. Love it! They do look like they’re having a good time.

  12. Ohh… I wish we had racoons! They are so cute! I particualry love yours, very stylish little characters

    • How funny–I never thought of them not being around–I guess I should appreciate them more! My favorite raccoon encounter was in Toronto at a beautiful outdoor patio at a restaurant. A whole family of raccoons invaded the courtyard. We had little baby raccoons running right under our table! I guess I should have freaked out, but I am like you and I find them kind of charming. Thanks for visiting!

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