Illustration Friday: Ocean


Nothing better than getting a chance to doodle weird fish!

Just for fun: for a link to a Nova video of the absolute strangest thing in the ocean (and my personal favorite invertebrate), the cuttlefish, click here.


8 responses to “Illustration Friday: Ocean

  1. Love these characters and their vibrant colors! The expressions are priceless! I think I like the hammerhead the best…

  2. Super fun bunch of fishes! I love the variety and color. I think they were all very surprised to have their picture taken. Such cute faces! Also, cuttlefish are very strange. 🙂

    • Hi Cindy–glad you liked the cuttlefish! I saw one once at an aquarium and if you stood close to the glass, it would miimic whatever pattern you were wearing. Super weird!!! BTW, I love your bulbfish!

  3. Lovely gang of fish and great colors !

  4. Gorgeous personalities these fishies have …

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