Illustration Friday: Train


10 responses to “Illustration Friday: Train

  1. I really like it, particularly how the patterns of the background are interesting and eye catching, but nicely balance the little girl without competing with her. How did you add the texture to the coat and the pattern to the skirt?

    • I just grabbed some fabric I had lying around  and scanned it (the brown coat is leftover fabric scraps from our dining room chair cushions). It’s a new style I’m playing around with. If it’s a distinctive pattern (like the paisley skirt, which is a tiny detail from a scarf) I try to distort it quite a bit in Photoshop so it transforms into something new.

  2. i love all the different shoes and patterns in the clothes. Lots and lots of interesting things to look at.

  3. awww…so sweet. 🙂

  4. Very nice interpretation of TRAIN, especially as you don’t even show a train. Reminds me of my different but related take on BOUNDARIES, which I could have referred back to instead of opting out of TRAIN altogether when I ran out of time to finish my idea.

    Looking at this as I was drawn to your blog because your FUTURE involves a crystal ball as does my one, which I haven’t uploaded yet. Bit different though.

    Opted out of FAREWELL too as I couldn’t think of anything. Love your crocodile.

  5. Hi Frances–thanks for your comments. I’m like you in that sometimes I just get stymied by the word but then think of something later. Love your blog–there is so much to see, and I love your versatility. Thanks for visiting!

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