Illustration Friday: Tension


My daughter is a good student driver, but she has commented that it would be helpful if I would stop gripping the edge of the door and perhaps lighten up on the caffeine. (When I asked if she would mind if I posted this image, she said no, as she thinks this is a pretty accurate likeness of the two of us.)

8 responses to “Illustration Friday: Tension

  1. My mother always slammed her foot on an imaginary brake. This is fantastic!

  2. Haha, nice one! It always makes me nervous when someone else drives, because it’s usually me driving. I totally appreciate the feelings expressed here! 😀

  3. Is it bad that after I learned how to drive whenever I ride with my parents I look like this?

  4. Annie Milewski

    This is brilliant! I can imagine this happening in real life and the image is glorious.

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