Illustration Friday: Children


It’s always a little intimidating to post rough sketches, but it was a good fit for this week’s IF. Plus, I love to look at other people’s sketches so I feel I have to share, too, right? I’m working on a picture book dummy and the younger sibling in the story  is a toddler. My kids are teenagers, so I decided to visit their old daycare provider this morning to do a little sketching. When you are not around toddlers all the time you forget how funny and expressive they are–especially their little hands. My challenge is always how to simplify their expression into as few lines as possible, but while doing so I need to avoid making them look like little bald aliens (which, on a bad day, happens more than I would care to admit!).

6 responses to “Illustration Friday: Children

  1. Thank you for posting your rough sketches!! They inspire me!

  2. Roughs are my favourite part….and I love seeing other people’s sketches. These are fantastic…the little hand studies in the corner are perfect!

    • Thanks so much–I love seeing your sketches, too! There is something about pencil—I may start using it as a base instead of ink. Love your little group of third graders!

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