Illustration Friday: Hybrid

When the time came for a new puppy, we decided to go with some type of doodle-ish dog because we have a kid with allergies. Instead of visiting a designer-dog breeder, we followed a handwritten sign on Hwy Q in central Wisconsin that said, “Puppies / Ponies 4 Sale.” Consequently, we are not so sure of the true lineage of our over-priced hybrid. He is supposedly a poodle / golden retriever but my husband thinks he is actually a poodle / jackass. Needless to say, he drives us insane but we love him.


The real McCoy:


8 responses to “Illustration Friday: Hybrid

  1. He seems to be a great character!

  2. What’s not to love. You forgot country line dancer–butt scootin’ boogie. He could teach a class on that.

  3. Oh my gosh, these are hilarious! But the best part is that he wore out the lever on the trash! Hahaha! And what a cute face. It’s just not possible to stay mad at them very long. 🙂

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