Illustration Friday: Golden

Last Friday night, our neighbors Julie and Bruce closed off our block, set up card tables and tents, blew up a jumpy-trampoline-thing, and even hired a local band–all to celebrate (belatedly) Harrison’s sixth birthday and  his last day of treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The party was Julie and Bruce’s way of thanking all the people who have supported their family on this very hard journey. It was a lovely evening full of amazing energy; the moment was indeed golden.

I created this series of illustrations several months ago, as a gift for Harrison when he finished his treatment. May we all face life’s dragons as courageously as he has.  Rock on, Harrison!!!!

Once upon a time in a forest not so far away, a young knight was on his way to the castle. The princess was having a barbecue and he was bringing her favorite treat, marshmallows for toasting.

The rest of the story is best told in pictures. . . . 


NancyMeyers-dragon-3 NancyMeyers-dragon-4 NancyMeyers-dragon-5 NancyMeyers-dragon-6

6 responses to “Illustration Friday: Golden

  1. Oh this is fab! I want my own personal marshmallow toasting dragon!

  2. This is delightful and you are all kinds of awesome.

  3. Nancy we just saw this post. So sweet. We have valued your families support so much. Hugs – julie

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