Illustration Friday: Smooth











I love penguins and can’t believe I left them out of Inktober so here’s one with “smooth moves” for Illustration Friday.

Thank you for all the support and nice comments throughout Inktober. I missed a day here and there, but really enjoyed it and so appreciate Jake Parker for creating the event. Sketching in ink is a fun challenge—each pen stroke is a commitment, but it also loosens you up a bit.

 I’ve been using Pigma Micron pens for a zillion years, but during Inktober I finally found a brush pen that I like. I’m a klutz with the broader-tipped and / or soft brush pens, but Jet Pens carries a large selection of Japanese calligraphy pens. I like one called Tombow Fudenosuke; the brush tip is not too soft and provides a subtler line variation, especially for small sketches. Inky-black, waterproof, doesn’t smear (I’m left-handed so that’s a big plus for me).
A quick sketch comparison.

4 responses to “Illustration Friday: Smooth

  1. Wow, big difference between the two sketches. I’ll definitely have to try the Tombow Fudenosuke pens. I always had trouble using Pigma Micron pens, so I don’t use them often.

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