Colour Collective—Cobalt Turquoise Light

For Penny Neville-Lee’s Colour Collective—This week is Cobalt Turquoise Light–the lovely color of the lid for Vicks VapoRub. I was a shameless Vicks addict as a kid; my older sister, who had to share a room with me, was not a fan. Wouldn’t this make a great scratch ’n sniff?


2 responses to “Colour Collective—Cobalt Turquoise Light

  1. Did you put it in a bowl of hot water and hold your face over it with a towel on your head like I did!? That was the best vics hit 🙂

    • Actually I smeared it above my upper lip right under my nose–I was such a weird kid! (Just ask my sister) I still love the smell–must mean that I had a very happy childhood! 🙂

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