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Illustration Friday: Nest


Illustration Friday: Exotic

Frustrated while working on details for a picture book dummy for the SCBWI New York Conference, so here’s a quick break for Illustration Friday. I decided to take Anne Lamott’s advice and go Bird by Bird (with a couple of gators tossed in for good measure).IF-Exotic


Happy Thanksgiving!

Illustration Friday: Lonely

We had a little house finch nest by our back door this summer. Both parents were quite attentive to their kids and it was fun watching the child-rearing process, especially as they were learning to fly. But there was one little guy who just couldn’t get up the nerve to exit; after his siblings took off, he was all alone in the nest. He wasn’t fat and fluffy–he was more tall and gangly, sitting straight up in the nest with his wings tucked in tight, looking totally pathetic. This lasted almost three full days, with both parents diligently trying to coax him out. Finally, on day three, their persistence won out and he flew the coop!