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Illustration Friday: Hot

Meltdown mode and some palindrome fun for this week’s Illustration Friday!(click on image to enlarge)

Illustration Friday: Orange



More fun with palindromes. . . and the answer is “he did, eh?”

Colour Collective: Warm Grey

I decided to paint an old sketch in honor of National Dog Day. My pup is a warm grey (when he’s clean). Happy Friday!



Illustration Friday: Shelter


Illustration Friday: Hat

Had a day of writer’s block but ended up with this little pup. I guess the little cloud is his thinking cap. Thinking-Hat

Illustration Friday: Mystery

I found “Evil Olive” on a list of palindromes and was inspired. She’s sure to have a mystery or two in her past . . . .


Illustration Friday: Animal


I’ve always loved goats and wanted one desperately when I was little. Didn’t get one then, and as I live in the city now, I doubt I’ll be getting one any time soon. But when I read a post about Roald Dahl’s pet goat, I just had to draw her!

Dahl wrote about his goat in a letter: “Our nanny goat, Alma, is a bit of a problem around here. She keeps getting out of the orchard and coming to the door where she waits quietly until someone opens it and then she nips into the house and sits on the sofa like a dog. All the same I like her.” He went on to say that goats “are intelligent and friendly and a lot better looking than quite a few people I know.”

You can read the whole post from the Roald Dahl Museum  here
and see a photo of the real Alma with Dahl.

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Inktober Oct 4

Ran into the Chowen Avenue albino squirrel today on our dog walk.


Inktober Oct. 3


Today’s Inktober–I’ve been busy with some character sketches in preparation for Kelly Light’s Character Design 101 Workshop at the MNSCBWI conference October 11 /12th (Kelly’s illustration workshop is on Sunday).


I am always up for a drawing challenge, and this one is just for ink (my favorite!)  I’ll be posting daily sketches here and also via my Twitter account @nancydrewit (yes, I finally got one!).

For more info about Inktober: http://mrjakeparker.com/inktober.inktober-Oct-2