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Illustration Friday: Steam

For all the kids (and adults) who have to put up with foggy lenses when they come in from the cold.

Illustration Friday: Eye Glasses

I played soccer as a kid, but things were quite different back in the days when Abercrombie+Fitch was best known as a place to buy a duck decoy. There were no “clubs” and our team was lucky to even have uniforms. The idea of buying cleats for feet that weren’t finished growing yet was pure lunacy. Since my brother’s high school shin guards would have gone up to my waist, my mom creatively improvised with carpet remnants.


But the best part of my soccer emsemble was the fetching black elastic strap my dad hooked onto my new glasses to keep them off the grass and on my head. The revolutionary new plastic  “compressed lenses” of the day promised a thin, lightweight and elegant lens with a subdued profile. Except, of course, for the hopelessly myopic like me, who still sported  a good 3/4 inch depth of shiny, translucent plastic edge centered between my trendy wire frames.
But at least they kinda matched my shin guards.
Just in case you thought this was creative fiction
(note: we did not wear our shin guards for the official team photo).