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Illustration Friday: Dragon

One little dragon dragging behind the group . . .


Illustration Friday: Metamorphosis



Sometimes it’s the hostess, sometimes it’s the guest. But birthday parties always involve a little transmutation.

Illustration Friday: Travel

A trip down memory lane. . . .well before the days of frequent flyer miles and points earned while driving up credit card debt, our mode of transit on family vacations was an efficiently-packed classic Ford Country Squire. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals (but not really).IF-Travel

Illustration Friday: Worn(-out)


This evolved out of a sketch I drew while I was waiting to pick up my daughter from a class. My favorite books from childhood were almost always illustrated with spot color. It is amazing to see how much someone like Arnold Lobel could squeeze out of two ink plates for his Frog and Toad series. I am happy to see a bit of nostalgia in new releases from publishers, but I fear it may just be a passing trend! 


Illustration Friday: Tension


My daughter is a good student driver, but she has commented that it would be helpful if I would stop gripping the edge of the door and perhaps lighten up on the caffeine. (When I asked if she would mind if I posted this image, she said no, as she thinks this is a pretty accurate likeness of the two of us.)

Illustration Friday: (out)burst

I’m currently working on a new book dummy featuring lots of little monsters. When I saw this week’s word prompt, I just couldn’t resist a monster temper tantrum.  And of course I had to include the proud parents, beaming at their exasperated prodigy!
Just for fun, here are some step-by-seething-step sketches of the little fury.
(click to see larger)