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Illustration Friday: Mischief

enid-and-edna-dineA mischievous palindrome to start your weekend—-

Inktober Oct 10

Quickie character sketch from a story I’m working on.inktober-10-10

Illustration Friday: Shiny

I am not much of a bling-girl, but one of my sisters is the Queen of Bling–she has quite a collection of really sparkly stuff. I have heard that raccoons are attracted to shiny things, so here’s a pair of fashionable Procyonidae investigating my sister’s stash of glitter. I tried to find an explanation for a raccoon’s attraction to sparkles, but I didn’t have any luck. Perhaps it’s because they are so much like humans–one of the best descriptions I came across was “omnivorous and opportunistic.” Hmmmm–sounds like a lot of humans I know. See below for a photo of their five-fingered  tracks in snow–the front paw looks like a little kid’s handprint.