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Something for a New Big Sister (or Brother)

My niece is expecting her second baby any day now and I was looking for something to keep the soon-to-be-big-sister busy. ; )

I’ve enjoyed reading feedback for the first set of Language Together, but I was surprised (and happy) to hear that they are so well-received by babies and toddlers.

The books are designed to teach preschool to elementary-age children languages using a natural immersion method (available in Spanish, Chinese, French or English). Since babies and toddlers’ brains are busy acquiring language skills, it makes sense that these books are fun for them, too.

My great niece will celebrate her second birthday in November and is learning new words every day, so I thought I’d send her the Language Together English Set 1 with a zippered bag for her to store the books (the box is great but not easy for little fingers). I found this super cute Yorbi “I’m Very Busy” pencil pouch at Target and all ten books fit inside perfectly! It should be easy for my niece to stash in a diaper bag for instant entertainment on the go—

Illustration Friday: Shoe

Happy Friday! Here’s an oldie but goodie for #Colour_Collective lava red and Illustration Friday “Shoe.”


Illustration Friday: Hot

Meltdown mode and some palindrome fun for this week’s Illustration Friday!(click on image to enlarge)

Illustration Friday: Mischief

enid-and-edna-dineA mischievous palindrome to start your weekend—-


Illustration Friday: Origami


Illustration Friday: Dragon

One little dragon dragging behind the group . . .


Illustration Friday: Unicorn



I was drawing a blank for “unicorn” until I thought about the disgruntled birthday party guest wondering, “Why does everybody else always get a sparkly unicorn?”

Colour Collective—Cobalt Turquoise Light

For Penny Neville-Lee’s Colour Collective—This week is Cobalt Turquoise Light–the lovely color of the lid for Vicks VapoRub. I was a shameless Vicks addict as a kid; my older sister, who had to share a room with me, was not a fan. Wouldn’t this make a great scratch ’n sniff?


Illustration Friday: Journey



Back in the days when Sienna was a paint color and Odyssey was a Greek epic— long before car seats, booster seats, rear climate control, iPod interfaces, Bluetooth, and molded cup holders for  Triple Venti Non-Fat Caramel Macchiatos—the all-American family car was a Ford Country Squire. Ours was lemon-yellow with faux wood panels, and probably averaged about 14 mpg.

My eldest sister was a teenager and avoided us completely. So on our journeys to the local YMCA on wicked-hot days in August, my brother rode shot-gun and the back bench seat was relegated to my sister and me, where it was all about that invisible-but-never-to-be-crossed line that separated her space from mine. But after we stopped at the farm stand on the way home, the watermelon was always parked at my feet.


Illustration Friday: Secret


 Note: “Bother” is not a typo. We really called him that.