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Illustration Friday: Shoe

Happy Friday! Here’s an oldie but goodie for #Colour_Collective lava red and Illustration Friday “Shoe.”


Illustration Friday: Hot

Meltdown mode and some palindrome fun for this week’s Illustration Friday!(click on image to enlarge)

Illustration Friday: Mischief

enid-and-edna-dineA mischievous palindrome to start your weekend—-


Illustration Friday: Origami


Illustration Friday: Dragon

One little dragon dragging behind the group . . .


Illustration Friday: Unicorn



I was drawing a blank for “unicorn” until I thought about the disgruntled birthday party guest wondering, “Why does everybody else always get a sparkly unicorn?”

Colour Collective—Cobalt Turquoise Light

For Penny Neville-Lee’s Colour Collective—This week is Cobalt Turquoise Light–the lovely color of the lid for Vicks VapoRub. I was a shameless Vicks addict as a kid; my older sister, who had to share a room with me, was not a fan. Wouldn’t this make a great scratch ’n sniff?


Illustration Friday: Journey



Back in the days when Sienna was a paint color and Odyssey was a Greek epic— long before car seats, booster seats, rear climate control, iPod interfaces, Bluetooth, and molded cup holders for  Triple Venti Non-Fat Caramel Macchiatos—the all-American family car was a Ford Country Squire. Ours was lemon-yellow with faux wood panels, and probably averaged about 14 mpg.

My eldest sister was a teenager and avoided us completely. So on our journeys to the local YMCA on wicked-hot days in August, my brother rode shot-gun and the back bench seat was relegated to my sister and me, where it was all about that invisible-but-never-to-be-crossed line that separated her space from mine. But after we stopped at the farm stand on the way home, the watermelon was always parked at my feet.


Illustration Friday: Secret


 Note: “Bother” is not a typo. We really called him that.

Illustration Friday: Travel

A trip down memory lane. . . .well before the days of frequent flyer miles and points earned while driving up credit card debt, our mode of transit on family vacations was an efficiently-packed classic Ford Country Squire. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals (but not really).IF-Travel