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What I’ve been working on. . . .

I’ve been very busy putting together the final art for Set 2 for Germaine Choe’s Language Together series. Here’s a sneak peek from one of the books–Rosie the diva feline is one of my favorite characters to draw—she puts a whole new spin on “cat in a hat”  The greytone conveniently works with this week’s #Colour_Collective “ash”

Happy Friday!

Illustration Friday: Wheel

Illustration Friday this week is “wheel”—perfect for a juggling mouse on a unicycle! This happy little guy is part of the cast of Language Together™, a unique and creative language immersion program designed by Germaine Choe. The program is based on tapping a child’s natural “language instinct” through  intuitive immersion and storytelling instead of using translations and formal instruction (visit http://www.languagetogether.net for a more thorough explanation of the process and the research behind it). This project kept me very busy for the last several months but I wasn’t able to share any images until now. Super fun project and wonderful client! An added bonus was getting to work with my talented friend and book designer, Cathy Spengler.